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Wireless Stereo Headphones MIS09RF


MIS09RF – Wireless Stereo Headphones

2-Way Universal Digital Wireless System

  • 2.4GHz 2-way digital format wireless
  • Enable minimal data loss and smooth acoustics
  • Technology enabling lucid reception and clear background and true sound
  • Universal wireless sound system that works with all home audio equipment
  • TV, DVD, iPod, MP3, CD and computer for wireless audio and video
  • Home entertainment and wireless chat
  • Reception range up to 15 Meters
  • Compact receiver compatible with all styles of stereo headset
  • Sophisticated acoustic system for enhanced bass
  • Smart error shooting design guarantee
  • Trouble-free reception in all conditions
  • Volume control and microphone mute control on receiver for added convenience
  • Power Supply: Transmitter – USB Power
    Receiver – Rechargeable battery



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